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Dog Daycare- Is It a Good Idea For My Dog?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you and your Best Friend are perfect for Daycare and should come in and try it out for at least a day to see how fun and healthy it can be. Learn more about your first day (Trial Day) HERE!




Daycare is a natural and healthy outlet for a dog’s energy and playful spirit. At our daycare, guests romp, play ball, splash in a pool, wrestle, snuggle and in general, hang out with their new Best Friends. Dogs crave the excitement of new sounds, smells and new things to do every day. This is the reason for their fun and lively nature that sometimes can be a recipe for trouble when they are left to “make their own fun”.


All activities are under the constant supervision of our experienced handlers. Dog play groups are separated by size. The larger, more active members socialize together and allow the smaller, less active members to enjoy each other’s company. Our staff is trained to recognize and deal with any issues before they become a problem. The key is the careful and slow introduction of a new guest into the group. Even shy and unsocialized dogs can enjoy a group of friends with the proper socialization techniques and a bit of time.  If for some reason a dog can not get comfortable with our daycare setting, we have our Best Friends Fur Ever Home Care Service.


Our daycare also offers a "Lonely Pups Club" which is tailored to meet the needs of people who work later shifts. Our "Lonely Pups Club" turns daycare in EVENING care! Best Friends Fur Ever prides itself on offering exclusive late pickup time! Whether its work or a evening out, we have you covered! Please remember that our late pickup options are a prepaid service.


The Play Day:


9 am: Our staff begins organizing our size appropriate play groups. To assure saftey of all dogs, play groups are moved outdoors one group at a time until all groups are outdoors playing! During this process some pups will stay indoors for a matter of minutes until their play group heads out to join the fun! We make sure that all dogs have the same time outdoors by reversing the pattern that the playgroups were moved outdoors. Once a dog is in their designated play group, they have play time! If it’s nice out, the dogs romp in one of our 6 fenced in play areas across 2-acres. On stormy days, the fun moves inside to our 5,000-square-foot play room.


12pm-2pm: At 12:00 all dogs have transitioned back indoors from their playgroups. All pups get a well needed break for snacks and rest time– in air-conditioned comfort for the summer months and on radiant heated floors in the winter.


2pm–5pm: Back into play groups for more fun and frolic!


When you pick up your pet at the end of the day, you get both a happy, well-exercised dog! As a bonus, on your trial day you will receive a complete report card of the day’s activities and accomplishments.


7-8:30 pm: Our overnight and late night pups get to play one additional time after dinner service.


Is Daycare For Me?


If your work demands that you spend long hours away from your pet, if family care responsibilities make it impossible to spend much time with your dog at home, or if your dog is an only pet and would enjoy the chance to play with others, then you are an ideal candidate for dog day care. Most dogs in working or busy families spend up to 60% of their time alone. This can lead to bad habits like chewing or indoor accidents as well as boredom or separation anxiety. Many dogs benefit from attending daycare three to five times per week where they burn off that excess energy while learning socialization skills with other dogs.


Many families sign up specifically for day care to help solve behavior problems the dog is having at home – chewing, destroying furniture, digging up the lawn, etc. Under our guidance, these dogs use that energy to exercise and play the day away while also getting the socialization that so many dogs need. We are also able to add training classes to your dog’s daycare time to take advantage of the time they are with us and save time for your schedule.


Do I have to commit to every day?


No. You can sign up for every day, a few days a week or a few days a month.  Passes are issued to allow you to match the schedule that best meets your need and provide discounts for those clients that use our Daycare services frequently.  Your dog will benefit the most from the daycare experience if they attend at least two days per week. This attendance for a consecutive three months provides the best discount fees as well.




All our new dogs go through a screening process. We call this a "trial day". You can read more about your first day HERE! Come in or go online to fill out our admission form. Guests must have proof of age appropriate vaccinations including Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies; Spay or Neutered after 6 months of age, and be on a monthly Flea & Tick Preventative. Please call or stop by for full details.


You are welcome to pre fill out the registration forms and bring them in with you at the time of your reservation! View all our forms HERE!


If you are looking for doggie day care services in Baltimore, Monkton, Ruxton, Towson, Timonium, Joppa, Hunt Valley, Cockeysville, Maryland, Best Friends Fur Ever is your destination. Take a look at our state-of-the-art doggie day care, training, grooming and boarding services or call us today to find out how we can help you with dog.



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